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spewedition is a unit by three Japanese photographers formed in 2016.
Our activities are photobook production, sales, music performance, installation, etc.

2017.10/13-10/15 Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei
2017.10/09-11/12 spewedition Fair @NADiff BAITEN, Tokyo
2017.10/05-10/08 Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tokyo
2017.09/21-10/09 spewedition Fair at CIY ROOM1, Iwate
2017.09/21-09/24 Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
2017.09/15-09/18 AXIS PHOTO MARCHE4 "MUSIC" , Tokyo
2017.09/12-09/30 spewedition Fair @newroom (G/P gallery), Tokyo
2017.08/11-08/26 SPEW Exhibition "Give me air" @newroom (G/P gallery), Tokyo
2017.04/15-05/15 spewedition Fair at Shelf, Tokyo
2017.04/15-04/29 SPEW Photo Exhibition "Mother" at Ginza,Tokyo

2016.11/10-11-13 Offprint Paris, Paris
2016.11/10 Performance at LE BAL, Paris
2016.09/16-09/19 Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tokyo